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IEL offers a flexible range of manufacturing procedures to meet customer requirements. Our modern production techniques enable us to offer competitive prices and ensure prompt delivery, as well as  maintaining the very best in production values.

    Services we offer:

  • Procurement
    • Components; surface mount and through-hole
    • PCB’s of all types
    • Custom metalwork and enclosures
    • Labels, engraving, silk-screening
  • PCB Assembly
    • SMD and Reflow both automatic and hand assembly
    • Through-hole both full manual assembly for small batches together with
      semi-automatic and wave solder for larger quantities
  • Cable Assembly
    • Stand alone assemblies together with more complex looms and
      harnesses in most termination types
  • Wound Components
    • Coils and bespoke transformers
  • Electro-Mechanical Assembly
    • Sub-assemblies
    • Chassis wiring
    • Box-Build
    • Full product build
    • System integration
  • Test and Inspection
    • Board Level In-Circuit
    • Finished Product Functional Test
    • Custom Test Development